"There are only three choices to pick from when we respond to the events of life. Those choices are; 'I love it,' 'I hate it,' 'whatever,' and each choice produces a different result.

A very uplifting and happy feeling is felt by the person who honestly chooses, 'I love it." The truly neutral response of, 'whatever,' delivers a small, but still a somewhat uplifting feeling.

The choice of, 'I hate it,' generates a degrading emotion which is felt, on some level, by the person making this choice and is the choice of someone who has not given enough thought to the matter.

Degrading one's self by choosing, 'I hate it,' leads to degrading others and one's surroundings. To change this result it is suggested that we, "Go With Thoughtfulness," and choose to embrace the world or at the very least be truly neutral toward it."

Davida Patrick Moore - Author of "Thinkers and Sinkers"

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