Media Art Explanation

The hand holding up three fingers is the visual reminder that there are only ever three choices with which to respond to the world around us; "I love it," "I hate it," "whatever."

The symbology of replacing the heads of iconic personalities and ordinary characters with this hand is to suggest they had this thought and we can keep this thought in mind as it is the only repertoire of choices we can pick from as we create our life.

"We ought to look at those to whom we give our support; morally, politically, and financially, and ask ourselves, Does the action of those that I support, 'Go With Thoughtfulness?'"

"If not, we support their thoughtlessness and the Sinker mentality. This revelation ought to be followed with a conversation to inspire a more uplifting perspective, one leading to happiness for all. Either that or the support should be removed."

Davida Patrick Moore - Author of "Thinkers and Sinkers"

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